Tried and tested packages of work to achieve a specific outcome.

Sometimes you want a short term engagement with a specific objective and a specific set of activities. Welcome to Add Agilty packages, where we bundle proven setups for when you want a short burst of help. If you are looking for a longer term or more flexible engagement please look at add consultancy instead.

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Art launch

If you are making the leap to SAFe and launching an agile release train give it the best change of success with the support of a heavyweight Safe Programme Consultant. 

Typical setup:

  • 2 day Leading safe for those in leadership roles

  • 2 day big room safe for teams training with addagilityilty top up training for up to 100 people

  • 2 days of workshops pre pre pi planning to ensure teams are ready and PI planning is a success

  • 2 days on site PI planning support

  • 2 day follow up.

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SAFe start

Kick start your SAFe adoption with the right combination of Safe Program Consultants and trainers at the right time. 

  • Everything at ART launch includes + 

  • Executive training

  • PMO training and support

  • Extensive product owner support ensuring that by the time teams hit PI planning it is set up for success. 

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Scale your Jira / Azure DevOps / Rally

In 1 week or less we will set up a proof of concept on your agile work management tool of choice. Showing with your data how your tool can scale. Get visability of your entire portfolio in one place with metrics and insights.
We do not sell you software this is using the systems out the box and with easily available plugging.

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Maturity assessment

An independent view on the Agile and DevOps maturity of your teams.

  • Provide a structure and guidance for teams to see what they can do do improve themselves. 

  • Highlight areas to focus on that would yield the biggest benefit.

  • Spot trends and gaps across the wider organisation that may need more work.  

Team Talk

Team quickstart

Forming a new team and want them to start in the best posssible way? Get the stakeholders, backlogs, boards agile ceremonies off to a flying start setting out a template way of working your teams can evolve over time.
A few days lining things up before the team starts.
A week full time intensive disruption and set up
6 weeks (3 sprints) oversight and support for a few days per week.