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We have decades of experience actually doing the job you want to hire

The concept is simple one we use people who have done the job you want to hire, and are really good at it to filter out the best candidates. 

When we put forward a candidate we have interviewed them and can vouch for them.

We specialise in providing high competency people to work in agile, DevOps and digital teams. Roles such as Scrum Masters, Product owners, Developers, Testers, Analysts or or any other role you might find in a software team. 

Our agile veterans 


Phil Cutcliffe

Scrum masters, Product owners, Business Analysis, Program leadership, test, Data


Dan Gibson

Scrum masters, Product owners, Business Analysis, Program leadership, trainers, PMO


Pete Whitfield

Developers, DevOps, Automation,  

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And others...

Developers, test, analysis, and other agile team roles

Why choose us?

Reduce Risk

We filter out the the candidates that are 'not yet ready' for the role with  targeted assessments and interviews. Massively reducing the chance of hiring the wrong person. 

find hidden talent 

Sometimes the best people at the job are not the best at CVs.

Or just don't include enough buzzwords for the auto CV scanner.

Or perhaps it is just someone we have actually worked with who's has the skills but not the CV. 

Saves you time

We do everything up to and including the first interview.


Once we have had our initial conversation you only have to see people who are good and pick your favourite. 

Makes you look good

We want people to remember us and you fondly even if they don’t get the job. Our professionalism shines and as the first people your future workers interact with, will be reflected to you. 


We know the best candidates have other options. So we conduct most of our selection process at evenings and weekends. In most casescompleting the all the 1st interviews 4-5 days after you say go. This is why you wont see any job ads on our website. 

Case study

"We think you need to hire a Scrum Master"
We helped a tech start up dev team double their velocity by hiring the right Scrum Master in less than a week. 


How we added value
  • Really low time investment from the client, we did everything except the final interview

  • Shaped the job description to get the right applicants

  • Filtered 150 candidates to 2 based on our decades of experience. 

  • We submitted those top 2 candidates, 3 working days after the initial conversation


The story

We met the CEO of a small tech start up at a tech show. He was concerned that despite doubling the number of developers over the previous 6 months progress felt slower than it was the previous year. He wanted to hire a project manager to manage them. 

After a quick 10 minute chat it we agreed that having a Scrum Master rather than a Project manager would be more suitable for the rapid product development they wanted. We also noted there was a product owner gap too but a second role was not in budget. So with their blessing we wrote the JD for a SM with some PO skills. 

The job posting went live on Thursday afternoon and we did our usual contact everyone in our network. All in all we had over 150 applications. We interviewed steadily as we spotted strong candidates. In this case Dan Gibson an enterprise Agile coach with 20 years agile experience did the interviews. We interviewed at evenings and weekends as many of the candidates were busy during the day. By Monday evening we had picked out the top 2 candidates one towards the top of the budget one at cheaper end. 

We sent the top 2 over and let the client know there were others they could see if they wanted something different. The client did the second interview for both candidates face to face and hired shortly after.

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