Martin Smith

Agile Consultant and Coach

Martin has almost 2 decades of experience in software development. He was an early adopter of Lean and Agile approaches in a startup environment and has a practical approach to organising teams. He has made a reputation for getting the best from people whatever the environment or business type.

Martin believes that making the best contribution depends on keeping his skills fresh. His approach is to mix periods embedded in teams and broader coaching roles, while hosting and attending meetups. As a result Martin can connect with teams and leaders and is able to inspire through practical examples.

He has a strong record in web, mobile, data and business software development across e-commerce, energy, telecoms, financial services, media, education, government and gambling sectors. Martin’s client list includes: PwC, Pearson, William Hill, Nokia, UK Government, Home Retail Group, Santander, BBC IPlayer, BBC Worldwide (now BBC Studios), BT, Shell, BP, Centrica.

Since 2019 Martin has volunteered as organiser of the Agile Standup Meetup group in London. He also is Club Secretary at a table tennis club in North London, working with people of all ages, backgrounds and skills.

0800 0869258