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Contractors & Consultants

The fastest, easiest route to finding people with the skills you need. Paid on a day rate or fixed price bases. 

Imagine for your next hire with agile skills all you had to do was have a chat with a seasoned agile coach and then a few days later be presented with a choice of high quality people hand picked by an expert in their field.   

We specialise in providing high competency people to work in agile, DevOps and digital teams. Roles such as Scrum Masters, Product owners, Developers, Testers, Analysts or or any other role you might find in a software team. 

Why choose us?

Amazing support

We have a team of coaches working behind the scenes to mentor and support everyone who works for us. 

This means our people can hit the ground running and perform better than if they were on their own. 

find hidden talent 

Sometimes the best people at the job are not the best at CVs.

Or just don't include enough buzzwords for the auto CV scanner.

Or perhaps it is just someone we have actually worked with.

Saves you time

We do everything up to and including the first interview.


Once we have had our initial conversation you only have to see people who are good and pick your favourite. 

Cost effective

As a lean, focused consultancy with a small bench hand picking the best people you will find your budget goes further than most. 


We know the best candidates have other options. So we conduct most of our selection process at evenings and weekends. In most casescompleting the all the 1st interviews 4-5 days after you say go. This is why you wont see any job ads on our website. 

A note on IR35

We can supply contractors both inside and outside IR35 depending on your needs. Where suitable we would advise keeping engagements outside IR35 for 2 simple reasons. Inside IR35 day rates are about 25% higher and from our experience many of the best contractors will only consider outside IR35 contracts.

If you would like to know more about structuring engagements in a way that allows use of outside IR35 contractors give us a call. 

Contractor or consultant

The short answer is from the client perspective there is no difference and we tend to use them interchangeably. Whether we use one of our permanent staff or find an independent contractor it feels the same. Everyone we supply has been hand picked in our selection process and everyone is equally supported. 

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