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Your agile and digital experts

What we do

What we do

Add agility is owned and run by experienced Agile and DevOps coaches. In 2019 we realised the biggest difference we could make to an organisation who wanted to increase their agility was to make sure that they had the right person, in the right role, doing the right thing.


Our services broadly fit into 3 categories.

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We are people who have done the job you want to hire, with the experience to select the right candidates.

Removes the risk
and saves you time. 

Our enterprise agile coaches filter only the best candidates for you, so you can sit back and put your feet up. 

We make you look good. 

Reputation is everything.
Our professionalism shines and as the first people your future workers interact with, this will be reflected to you. 


We don’t hang around, most posts are filled within a week by either our small contingent of staff or from our extensive network. 

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The fastest, easiest route to finding people with the skills you need. Paid on a day rate or fixed price. 

Know what you need. 

We specialise in providing high competency people to work in agile, DevOps and digital teams. Roles such as Scrum Masters, Product owners, Developers, Testers, Analysts or or any other role you might find in a software team.

Selected by experts 

Everyone from Add Agility is hand picked by.

Coaching as standard

We have a team of coaches working behind the scenes to mentor and support everyone who works for us. 

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Anything and everything required to increase the agility of your organisation.

Across many disciplines. 

We can work across all form of disciplines from leadership to product ownership or dev to test and more, whichever suit your needs. 

More than just coaching. 

Coaches are good, but we go the extra mile. We use a hands on approach to show people what great can look like. 


We design training that works seamlessly with your goals.

Transformation planning. 

We work with you to produce a methodical approach with the most chance of sticking when we move on. There is no one size fits all. 


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0800 0869258


Add Agility, 1 The Bridgeway, Portsmouth Road, Southampton, SO19 7PE


Company number: 11804927
Vat number: 321252549

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